The Game

The mean Lord X has kidnappaged your beloved one, and keeps her in his hideout.

Hideout surrounded by bamboo forests!

This forest is infested by an endless amount of zombies, since Lord X often carries out any kind of experiments.

Since this plague is out of control, he has sent an army of exterminators with the purpose of putting this
biohazard under control army whose orders are to exterminate you too with their corrosive acid.

The team

Code by Roberto Mérida
Graphics by Jojo073 with collaboration on the first level by Toni Gálvez
Music composed by Rod Mérida and Fernando Cabrera
Support by Kikems
Betatesting by Ricky Place and David Soneira
Translations to exotic languages made by RetroAbuelo y Rod Mérida
Other contributions by Juanje Juega, Javi Commodore Spain, Edu Arana, Nazanin Hadidi, Gabriel V.,
Victor Delgado, Serdinard, Emilio Mihi and all the team and followers of AmigaWave.
Web by @edu_arana

Resources and specs used to make the game

Coded in AmosPro from scratch.
Pixel art with Deluxe Paint in 32 colors, not ripped or scanned images.
5 custom music composed with Protracker Amiga.
3 levels of play with their corresponding enemies for each level and their final enemies.


Compatible with any Commodore Amiga with 512 Kb of chip and 512 Kb of fast.


You can contact with the team through the following ways

AmigaWave on Youtube
Jojo073 on Twitter
Kikems Retro on Retrowiki
Estrayk on Twitter
Fernando Cabrera on Twitter
Edu_Arana on Twitter

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